First up, for many the question starts with…what is an evaporative air cooler?
Interestingly, your answer to this question will very much come down to where you live in Australia. Those living in WA, SA, VIC and the ACT are more familiar with Evaporative Air Coolers are and how they differ to air-conditioning. And many throughout regional NSW and QLD are also aware of evaporative cooling, primarily due to the humidity.

That’s because Evaporative Air Coolers are best suited to areas with low relative humidity. They have no compressor and as such, work with the natural process of water evaporation to efficiently and inexpensively cool the surrounding area. When warm air is drawn into a Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler, it passes through a wet Honeycomb Cooling Media. As it passes through the honeycomb, water flowing over the honeycomb absorbs heat from the air causing the water to evaporate. This results in cooler, moisturised air. A powerful fan then propels the cool air into the immediate environment. The result is a constant flow of fresh, moisturised, cool air.

How does an Evaporative Air Cooler differ to a fan?
A fan can only circulate the air, so if the air is hot, all you’re going to be doing is circulating that hot air around. Whereas an Evaporative Air Cooler actively uses water vapour to lower the surrounding ambient temperature. Much like a breeze flowing across a lake, Evaporative Air Coolers produce a comfortable, cool breeze.

What is the difference between an Evaporative Air Cooler and an Air-Conditioner?
An air conditioner requires a compressor as well as refrigerants to cool down the temperature, while an Evaporative Air Cooler simply uses fresh water and a powerful fan in order to diffuse cool air into the indoor or outdoor environment.

Can my Evaporative Air Cooler be used outside?
Yes, Honeywell has specifically designed a range of Evaporative Air Coolers that are portable and able to be taken and used outdoors. The reason they work well outdoors is because they use the surrounding ambient air to draw upon whilst the fan then deploys the cooler air in the direction the unit is facing.

Why do I need to have an open door or window for my Evaporative Air Cooler?
As evaporative cooling works by drawing in dry, hot air, it works best with cross ventilation in order to circulate the stale, humid air out of the immediate environment.

Is it cheaper to run an Evaporative Air Cooler or an Air-Conditioner?
Evaporative Air Coolers are energy efficient due to how they operate so they use less electricity than air-conditioners which utilise energy hungry compressors, making Evaporative Air Coolers cheaper to operate. With lower energy consumption, they are also ideal for usage during peak demand times such as during a heat wave.

Did you know that an Evaporative Air Cooler actually ‘conditions’ the air?
Air conditioners work to remove humidity from the air, which causes a drying effect and can lead to people suffering from dry eyes and skin. So for those who live in dry climates or like to use air-conditioners, having an Evaporative Air Cooler is a huge benefit as they add humidity, thereby helping to condition the air by putting back moisture.

On very hot days where an air-conditioner is being used inside, combining it with an Evaporative Air Cooler is a clever option to make the environment kinder on your body!

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