With children spending increasing amounts of time indoors due to school, digital devices and video games, it’s imperative that we encourage them into the great outdoors in order to assist their social, cognitive and sensory development skills. The benefits of outdoor play are numerous. Being outside is wonderful for their sense of wonder as it helps stir their imagination, gets them in touch with nature, and helps to boost their energy levels.

Whilst we all know that outside play is important for development, studies show in detail exactly how children benefit both physically and mentally. From improving vision to increasing attention spans and reducing stress. And the good news is that you don’t need to look any further than your own backyard in order to create a cool environment to inspire children to spend time outside.

Their own little hideaway
If you’ve got suitable trees, then a treehouse is always a popular option for kids of any age. It can be as simple as a wooden platform in the trees with a rope ladder or as elaborate as mum or dad’s talents stretch. There are many outstanding on the ground options for cubby houses too, or even simple little A frame tents that kids can help make. Hideaways like these provide shade and a place for kids to use their imagination in game play.

Jungle gyms
A great way to get the kids interested in spending more time outdoors is to involve them in what the perfect backyard will look like and understanding what sort of things interest them. Do they like climbing? Are they obsessed with swings? Is a trampoline going to capture their attention? From tiny tots through to older kids, there is a range of equipment to suit all interests.

Turning down the heat
Honeywell has specifically designed a range of Evaporative Air Coolers that are portable and able to be taken and used outdoors. A simple fan can only circulate the air, so if the air is hot, all you’re going to be doing is circulating that hot air around. Alternatively, an Evaporative Air Cooler uses water vapour to lower the surrounding ambient temperature. Much like a breeze flowing across a lake, Evaporative Air Coolers produce a comfortable, cool breeze.

A water park
With many slip ‘n’ slide options on the market along with inflatable pools, creating a water park in your backyard is super easy. Add a cabana for the adults and some lazy chairs and you’ve got the ultimate backyard water park. Just a warning though – your backyard may become the most popular place in the neighbourhood!

Always remember to supervise young children at all times if you introduce any water options to the backyard.

Wall fun
Most backyards have a fence or wall that kids can take ownership of. Consider painting the wall with a chalkboard paint (which come in an array of colours) so your child can let their imagination run wild creating wall art. Or perhaps you have a budding gardener on your hands. Vertical gardens are a great way of adding greenery and colour without taking up valuable ground space. Encourage the kids to help choose the plantings and work with them on the layout.

Or to keep things super simple, just use some painters tape and set up a soccer goal or cricket pitch by sticking the tape to the wall in the relevant dimensions.

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