You’ve just spent the day at the beach – soaking up the rays, a fresh breeze and cold salty water. Everyone is now well and truly ready to head home to cool down. But once the outside temperature has started creeping over the 30-degree mark, cooling down inside can be easier said than done as simple fans don’t necessarily assist with cooling since they’re essentially just moving around the already heated air.

This summer, you might want to consider the benefits of an Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler.

How does it work?
Unlike a simple fan, an Evaporative Air Cooler draws in warm air which passes through a wet Honeycomb Cooling Media. As it passes through the honeycomb, water flowing over the honeycomb absorbs heat from the air causing water to evaporate. This results in cooler, moisturised air.

Optimum room size
For rooms up to 28sqm (such as bedrooms or home offices) the Honeywell CL25AE is ideal as it’s designed for small to medium rooms. With four fan speeds (including a quiet sleep setting) and oscillating louvers, the CL25AE evenly distributes cool air into your room whilst the carbon dust filter help to reduce dust particles.

Energy saving
Consuming just 235 watts of power with an automatic off timer that also helps with energy savings, the unit is perfect for the cost-conscious consumer when it comes to cooling options for the home this summer.

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