Pets often find it harder than we do to keep cool during summer, since many come with their own fur (or woollen) coats. Overheating in animals can lead to heatstroke which can cause organ failure and even death, so it’s imperative we put in place strategies for ensuring our pets stay cool and comfortable in summer.

Access to fresh, clean water and plenty of shade of crucial, but on those days when the temperature is creeping past 30 degrees, additional measures are often required.

Indoor/outdoor portable Evaporative Air Coolers can help play an essential role in keeping pets cool on those hot days.

While a regular fan is good for keeping air moving, when the temperature is high a traditional fan simply moves hot air around. A great advantage with a Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler is the continuous flow of fresh, cool air which can be cool up the area and become more comfortable.

With an indoor/outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler, you can either set the unit up just inside or outside of an open door – making it perfect for the pet who has access to both areas during the day. If setting up inside, you will require cross ventilation from an open door or window in order to have a fresh source of air that the unit can draw upon.

An Evaporative Air Cooler is a far more cost-effective way of keeping pets (and the family) cool as an alternative to the expense of running air conditioning units since Evaporative Air Coolers use far less electricity.

And according to the RSPCA, keep your littlest pets, such as mice, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits in a cool, shady and well-ventilated spot, or indoors, at all times during summer since they are often unable to seek out cool spots themselves.

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