As Australian’s, we’re known for our love of the great outdoors. The term ‘indoor/outdoor living’ was surely coined here as our weather patterns across much of this gorgeous country enable us to use our backyards as another room most of the year round.

Summertime is something we all look forward to – the barbie gets a great workout on a regular basis, kids play outside, it’s time for alfresco dining with friends, running around with the pets or lying on the grass catching up on reading. But as our climate continues to heat up, the urge to stay inside rises – as does the air-conditioning bill.

2017 was officially Australia’s third warmest year, and we’ve experienced seven of our hottest ten years since 2005. Being cooped up inside, especially if you’ve got kids, is no fun for anyone, but when it’s 30 + degrees outside on a regular basis, inside starts to become the new norm during summer.

But this is exactly the sort of weather that best suits Honeywell’s Portable Evaporative Air Cooler units. Evaporative cooling works when the water transforms to water vapor. Depending on temperature and humidity, evaporative air coolers can cool down the surrounding temperatures, giving the comforting sensation of being cooled by a sea or lake breeze.

Designed to be light and portable, you can wheel these Honeywell units around to the optimum position to ensure both kids and pets (and the chief operator of the barbeque) are kept comfortable whilst outside. Evaporative Air Coolers also use less electricity to help reduce energy consumption and therefore costs – especially in peak demand times such as during heat waves.

Best suited to hot climates and designed to be placed close to the home or on a deck/patio to enable it to cool down your alfresco space.

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