Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners are the energy saving air conditioners Australia has been waiting for, combining 3-in-1 technologies into a single innovative and compact system. Ideally suited to the ever-changing Australian environment with its three modes of operation including Air Conditioning mode (utilising environmentally friendly refrigerants), a multi-speed Fan mode and the Dehumidifier mode (ideal for those climates and houses with high levels of humidity), these air conditioners are incredibly efficient with the MN10CES unit using just 2.9kW of power.

Air Conditioning mode
With a quiet operating Honeywell MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner is perfect for spot cooling rooms including bedrooms, small living areas, media rooms, and home offices.Its Auto Evaporation System has a no-drip design and removes the collected, cooled water automatically thereby removing the need for a bucket.

Fan mode
The multi-speed fan mode gently circulates air during those times when the air conditioner mode isn’t required, providing fresh, cool ventilation.

Dehumidifier mode
This mode is ideal for those months when the humidity in Australia is peaking (and often when it’s raining) by removing excess moisture from the air. The dehumidifier mode has the capacity to remove up to 37.9 liters of moisture per 24 hours, thereby minimising the growth of mold and making your home less inviting to allergens such as dust mites and mildew. It’s also possible to connect a standard garden hose in order to continuously drain water collected from your environment whilst in this mode.

Super easy to clean
The Washable Filtration System can filter dust and pet hair entering the unit, which helps reduce impurities in the air, and it’s easy to clean by simply running the filter under a water tap.

Additional features
Being portable, the unit can be easily moved from room to room as required and simply rolled into a storage space when not required.

The unique front-facing, feather-touch, backlit control panel, and display makes functionality a breeze and the panel is clearly visible from across the room enabling the user to easily view the current and desired thermostat settings. It’s made with a polycarbonate finishing which gives the panel a stylish mirror effect.

This unit also incorporates a programmable 24-hour energy saving timer, which is ideal for use in the bedroom, so you can set it to optimise your sleep and living patterns.

Enjoy simple, targeted and precise room climate control with Honeywell’s MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner and delight in the knowledge that you can still keep cool (and mildew free) whilst saving on energy costs by not having to air condition an entire house!

Honeywell also produces two more 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioners including the MN12CES and the MM14CCS. These other two units are similar in operation but vary in size, kilowatt output and the size of the room that they can cool down. All three units feature a Self-Evaporation system that allows for bucket-less operation. In higher humidity rooms, the unit is equipped with dual drainage options offering complete flexibility. A continuous drain system can be set up in minutes when used as a Dehumidifier and at the end of the summer season, simply roll the Portable Air Conditioner into a storage room until next time!

Easy Installation 
Installation of the window kit can be set up in just minutes with four easy steps – all without professional help. You don’t even need a screwdriver to install the window kit. Click on our video to see how easy the installation of this kit is.

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