With summer heat records continuing to be smashed year-on-year across Australia, the backyard can often be an uncomfortable place to hang out. Yet our beloved ‘outside room’ is also synonymous with entertaining, barbeques, and playing with kids and pets, so wanting it to be cooler is fast becoming a national wish!

Having an outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler from Honeywell can help to bring down the surrounding ambient temperature.

Barbequing and entertaining in comfort
Standing over a hot barbeque plate in summer is not the favourite position that springs to mind. The ensuing heat often hangs around the rest of the yard too, meaning that eating outside is often frowned upon as it’s just too hot and sticky. By positioning your Evaporative Air Cooler to the side of the barbeque – this solo ‘chore’ can be quickly turned into a cooler and more sociable activity by encouraging everyone back into the great outdoors with the temperature turned down.

Kids & Pets – safe playing during heat
Young children and pets often feel the heat more in summer and can become overheated quickly as they expend a lot of energy through playing and running around. By placing the unit close to where they are playing – both kids and pets will benefit from the lower ambient temperature making play time more inviting.

During those times when the family is taking full advantage of great weather and spending time outside for the majority of the day, the Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler has a continuous water supply connection paired with a massive water tank and built-in overflow protection system allowing for longer periods of cooling.

Keeping the mozzies at bay
By sitting close to the Evaporative Air Cooler, the powerful cool air flow combined with mosquito repellent is a strong and economical way of protecting against mozzies and other irritating summer insects.

Gardening or working outside
Physical activity such as gardening, chores or painting certainly works up a sweat in summer. This work is made more pleasant when the Evaporative Air Cooler is placed in proximity to where you’re working or gardening. As the unit is on wheels, it’s super easy to move around the entire backyard. Just ensure you have an extension cord handy.

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